High Wind Zone

Woodard Sease & Associates, PC

Structural design for buildings located in high wind zones can be tricky. In regions prone to high wind events, proper design and construction are critical to the structural stability of a building and more importantly, to public safety. We carefully detail the connections required between framing members to ensure that the wind forces are safely transferred through the structure. We ensure that building codes, which require structures to be designed with a system of connections that provide a continuous load path capable of transferring forces through the framing members to the foundation, are met.

high-wind-zone-pageOur high wind zone expertise includes:

Residential & Commercial Structures (Typically in Coastal Regions)

  • All designs incorporate FEMA requirements, as applicable.
  • Designs address concerns including:
    • Shear Walls
    • Bracing
    • Hold Downs


High Wind Zone